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Silverstone is fine designer jewellery boutique specializing in sterling silver and semi-precious gemstones. Our collections include designers from United States, Israel, Indonesia, India, China and Canada. Silverstone Jewellery is available at 8 counters located in the busiest shopping malls across Canada.

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We offer a product that is timeless. We travel the world's renowned fashion destinations to hand-select beautiful handcrafted treasures. Over the years we’ve established a reputation for the latest in classic and fashion designer jewellery. We offer value that lasts. We have something special for everyone. Our jewellery is a perfect blend of high-quality materials, fine craftsmanship, elegant designs and competitive prices. As a purveyor of a product that seduces, we are immersed in a constant search for new and exciting styles.

Our jewellery is trendy and unique; designed to celebrate confidence, personal taste and style. Variety of designs sets no boundaries to world rich-in-traditions inheritance but its creativity and simplicity transforms pieces into objects of captivating beauty. Our jewellery completes any woman’s look, and like poetry, is open to interpretation.

Whether looking for a classic masterpiece or a contemporary expression, you will certainly find the perfect design in this world of elegancy. Personally designed and hand-made by brilliant artisans, each piece conveys a master’s unique signature.

We are committed to deliver our unique product to our customers with the best possible care and attention to detail. Shopping with us is a special experience. We add a touch of magic, luxury and excitement to everything we do from displaying to packaging. We communicate with clarity that our business is service - it’s not, what we do, but how we do it; it’s not, what we can get, but what we can offer. Whether you are one of Silverstone’s devoted customers or just discovered us for the first time, our goal is to help you to find a piece of jewellery that is as special as you are.

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